Original Logo

Thompson Landscaping-OLD_edited.png

Final Design

Thompson Landscaping Logo-Vertical.png

Helping Thompson Landscaping step up their brand identity.

Thompson Landscaping was looking for a complete logo redesign. Their old logo had an outdated and unprofessional feel that didn't match the professional experience and quality of their company.  


Thompson Landscaping

A landscaping company dedicated to working to create the yard you've always wanted, so you can sit back and relax


  • 2021

  • Logo Redesign

What we did: 

They were looking for a modern and bold logo and wanted to stay away from anything that looked “typical” of a lawn care company – green colors, grass, trees, etc.

The logo at Thompson Landscaping was outdated and didn't match the colors the company now uses. They wanted a logo that focused less on lawn care and more on the high quality hardscaping they're known for. 

Logo Redesign