Logo Redesign

The logo at Blue Ridge Women's Center was stylistically outdated and in need of a fresh color scheme. They wanted a logo that better embodied their mission and was warm and inviting to those within the Generation Z demographic.

They were looking for a modern, sleek, classic logo and wanted to stay away from anything that looked “typical” of a pregnancy center – butterfly, mom and baby, and baby bump.

Original Logo


Final Design


Helping Blue Ridge Women's Center reach those who need their help.

Blue Ridge Women's Center was working with both design and content that was outdated. Their website was difficult to navigate, the design unappealing to visitors, and their messaging ineffective. They knew they were missing out on reaching younger demographics of women who needed their help and services. 

Blue Ridge Women's Center

A pregnancy care center dedicated to providing a safe environment for women to be heard and supported.


  • 2020 - Present

  • Logo Redesign

  • Mission Statement Workshop

  • Marketing Workshop

  • Website Redesign

  • Website Maintenance and Updates

What we did: 


New Mission Statement

Blue Ridge Women's Center knew that their mission statement needed to be updated to more accurately reflect how they serve their clients, but it also needed to draw donors into a story. 

Nearly 40% of all pregnancies are unplanned, leaving many women feeling alone and uncertain of her future. By providing a safe environment to be heard and supported, Blue Ridge Women’s Center equips each woman to make an informed decision for her and her family.

Mission Statement Workshop

Blue Ridge Women's Center is dedicated to improving the well being of women and their families in our community through a medical clinic specializing in unplanned pregnancy, relationships, and reproductive health.


Original Mission Statement


Website Redesign

Instead of trying to edit their current site, Blue Ridge Women's Center wanted to start over with a new, fresh website. In order to do that effectively, we worked through several steps to make sure they were set up for success. 

  1. We created a sitemap to make sure we knew all of the pages that would be going into the site and how we would organize them. 

  2. We created a wireframe of the homepage to make sure that it included effective communication to guide clients towards making an appointment. 

  3. We completed a messaging workshop to develop brand language and ways of communicating the purpose and mission of the company that allowed for consistent and effective content development.

Computer Screen_edited.png